National Program for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Project / Professional training and regulation of energy efficiency in buildings
Launch Year / 2009 – In progress
Developer / ADEREE (

Buildings account for over 36% of the total energy consumption in Morocco, and controlling energy use in buildings is a huge potential source of savings. The Moroccan government hopes to reduce energy consumption in this sector by 12% as of 2020.With this goal in mind, ADEREE works with a network of partners and international property owners, and the UNDP in particular, to develop energy efficiency programs for industries and buildings.

500 MW CSP plant

Project / Construction of a 500MW solar thermal power plant in the Ouarzazate region
Location / Ouarzazate
Launch Year / 2012 — Under construction
Developer / MASEN (

95% of Moroccan electricity is imported. The country is currently facing challenges related to significant social and economic growth. According to estimates, national energy consumption will triple by 2030. To meet these new needs and reduce its energy dependence, Morocco put in place a national strategy in 2009 for the development of renewable energies, particularly wind energy (4,000 MW goal) and solar energy (4,000 MW goal).

South Africa
Connection to the national grid with a prepayment system

Project / Providing access to electricity through a prepaid scheme
Location / Durban
Launch Year / late 1980s — In progress
Developer / Conlog (

Conlog, a South African company, is the worldwide leader in prepaid electricity. The company committed to extend its technical solutions to low-income populations. Prepayment meters are connected to the national grid; they work on a reloading system. The customer buys a prepaid card from a distributor with his energy credits. After entering the code provided in the meter, electricity is ready to be used.

400 MW Geothermal Power Plant

Project / Development of a 400 MW geothermal power plant in the Rift Valley in order to secure national and regional electricity production
Location / Menengai Caldera, Nakuru Region
Launch Year / 2011 — Under construction
Developer / GDC (Geothermal Development company) (

Kenya has an estimated geothermal potential of 10,000 MW. Virtually untapped today, this geothermal energy could really help diversify the country's energy sources and meet the growing energy needs of East Africa. The construction site of the Menengai geothermal power plant is located 180 km northwest of Nairobi. By 2015, the project will produce 400 MW of electricity by means of 120 wells that are currently being drilled.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Project / Production of 250 MW of electricity on The Blue Nile
Launch Year / 2012 — Operational
Developer / Bujagali Energy Limited (

Uganda struggles with a growing energy demand: Kampala, the capital of the country, suffers power outages for several hours almost every day. To make up for the lack of infrastructure in the country, the government is currently developing its hydroelectric potential. Building dams like the one in Bujagali makes it possible to meet growing, long-term energy needs, and to cut production costs in half when compared to combustible energy sources.